About Us

Xtra: The Lifeline For All Your Electronic Devices

Founded in 2012, Xtra has quickly gained a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of Power Banks worldwide. Over the past year, we have grown from strength to strength and now have a presence in more than 12 countries. Based in China, we are focused on ensuring maximum global reach for our range of mobile charging devices.

Manufacturing Excellence

Our Power Bank devices are produced in adherence to the highest standards of quality at our manufacturing facility in Dong Guang, China. We strive to create products that will serve consumers for years without any complaints.

Product Offering Highlights

Xtra offers a range of mobile power devices that cater to a capacity range between 2200mAh and 16000mAh. All our products are trendy, compact and high on visual appeal. They will quickly attract positive attention from those around.

Our products showcase the combined functionality of charging and standby power supply for all kinds of digital devices. They can be used any place and at any time of the day.

Significant Savings For Your Business/Home/Organization

Since all our products are manufactured at our offshore facility in China, we will be able to offer you products at cost-efficient prices. And when you buy in bulk, you stand to make more savings.

Efficient Management & Skilled Technical Team

The company is led by an able management with a strong vision for the future. Our R&D team is supported by an experienced group of engineers who are dedicated to the company’s growth.

Our engineers have been in the electronics industry for several years and possess the technical know-how to create products that are reliable, efficient and powerful. We are confident that our Power Banks will serve you for years!